Saturday, 21 February 2009


Description: The easiest to use full featured WebCam tool to view your WebCam or whatever video device you have installed (not just webcams) on your PC. A complete WebCam program designed with a intuitive user interface that makes AvaCam easy to use. Automatically save pictures on any interval, view, print, copy and edit your snapshots and view the video full screen! Resize the video source to any size you want (also full screen).
Possible to save images using motion detection! Record video and save them as AVI-files (using any compression available) to your hard disk.Setup your video device with all available features your device has. AvaCam can be used with more the one video device! Make a hardcopy of your favourite snapshot including print preview and printer settings.
Features :
-Intuitive and modern user interface
-Can be used with ANY type of video device (not just webcams)
-View multiple Cam’s/video devices
-Motion detection feature: allows you to save an image automatically when movement is detected
-AutoSave feature: allows you to save a snapshot every xx-seconds
-Stretch and/or fit the video to the screen resolution
-Full screen video
-Build-in viewer/editor/player/browser
-One-click photographical effects to improve the image
-Take a snapshot of the videostream and save it as JPG, JPEG or BMP formats
-Burst mode
-Record video as AVI-file to disk with any available compression
-Save JPG’s with user selectable compression quality
-Print your snapshot’s
-Print preview
-Define your own favorite viewer or paintprogram
-Activate and de-activate AvaCam’s AutoSave or Motion Detection features at designated times
-Run multiple copies of AvaCam which can be configured separately
-IrfanView support
-Embed date and time into the saved snapshots.

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