Monday, 25 May 2009

Free MMORPG Game Download - Perfect World

Perfect World is a fully 3D MMORPG that is heavily based on Chinese mythology and set in large world of Pengu. Good thing is that this game uses advanced (commercial) graphics engine, so I’m sure that you will enjoy in graphics elements, specially because this game is free!
In PW, you can play with three main classes. Including: Humans, Beasts and Wing Elfs. As Human, you can play like Warrior or Mage, Beasts include Werebeast and Werefox and with Wing Elfs you can play like Elf Priest and Elf Archer. All races/classes has own advantages and defects. Also, you can fly with every class after level 30+. With Wind Elf class you can fly at beginning!
You can download and play this MMORPG Game for free. Windows Operating systems are only supported. Download Perfect World from below link and enjoy in play! Note that free account is required to play!